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Getting ready to move is a stressful time. There are many details to take care of, and depending on the circumstances of the move, there are many emotions involved as well. The movers at Jeffers Moving & Storage Company in Cincinnati are very familiar with the problems that can come up when moving. Here are few of the most common moving problems and the best ways to avoid them:

Poor Packing: When you're getting ready to move, it is very important to pack your valuable and breakable items safely and securely so that they will arrive in pristine shape at your new home. Use plenty of bubble wrap and foam peanuts to cushion all of your breakable items and don’t over-stuff boxes or they may rip open during transit. Purchase packing supplies from Jeffers Moving & Storage Company or hire their professional packers to make sure your items are packed perfectly.

Going Solo: It may seem easier to deal with moving on your own, but there are many aspects of moving, particularly furniture moving, that are very difficult without additional help. Friends and family are great to ask, but when they aren’t available or able, plan ahead and hire moving help from the experts at Jeffers Moving & Storage Company.

Time Limitations: Ideally you would have plenty of time to plan out your move, but sometimes that is just not the case. Jeffers Moving & Storage Company specializes in short notice moves and they also offer storage space for when moving out and moving in dates do not line up.

For more information about household moving and furniture storage options request a quote online or call them at (513) 631-1435.


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