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Moving is stressful. It can cause emotional upheaval for you, and it can also cause physical challenges for non-professionals who are trying to transport big items safely. Both of these reasons make it a good idea to call in a professional home moving company like Jeffers Moving & Storage Company, LLC in Cincinnati, OH. The experienced movers will help you transport even your largest items to your new home.

For more than 75 years, Jeffers Moving & Storage Company has helped residents of the Cincinnati area with household moving. Because they care about their customers, Jeffers Moving & Storage Company urges residents to let them handle furniture moving. Non-professionals can end up with costly medical bills if they don’t use proper techniques when lifting and transporting big items. The professional moving and storage company knows how to get the job done safely, using top-of-the-line equipment. The movers will wrap all furniture with moving blankets to provide extra protection. No job is too big or too small, and they even accept last-minute calls.

Moving is a time-consuming and stressful task—you have to pack your belongings, load them, transport your life, and then unpack. The entire process requires planning, organization, and high energy levels. Fortunately, for those living in the greater Cincinnati, OH, area, Jeffers Moving & Storage has been serving residents of the tristate area with all their moving and storage needs for over 60 years.

The company aims to make your new transition an easy one by handling your entire household moving needs from providing moving supplies to furniture moving and storage. The experienced movers at Jeffers Moving & Storage are efficient and can have your household packed and unpacked in no time, which means you won’t be spending weeks setting things up. Simply put, this home moving company will save you time and make the entire process as quick and convenient as possible.

Jeffers Moving & Storage will be by your side from beginning to end. Their services are all-inclusive, so they’ll take care of packing, unpacking, inspections and more. If you need storage options, they also provide long-term and temporary climate-controlled accommodations.

While they focus on residential moves, they also cater to designers, high-end residential and commercial clients, builders, fine art and antique dealers, and fine furniture showrooms. In fact, they now offer White Glove Delivery Services as a service to local businesses. For a nominal fee, store, deliver, unpack and inspect your furniture, making sure nothing happened in transit.

You can place your trust in Cincinnati’s best moving company. Give Jeffers Moving & Storage a call at(513) 631-1435, or request a free quote now.


Getting ready to move is a stressful time. There are many details to take care of, and depending on the circumstances of the move, there are many emotions involved as well. The movers at Jeffers Moving & Storage Company in Cincinnati are very familiar with the problems that can come up when moving. Here are few of the most common moving problems and the best ways to avoid them:

Poor Packing: When you're getting ready to move, it is very important to pack your valuable and breakable items safely and securely so that they will arrive in pristine shape at your new home. Use plenty of bubble wrap and foam peanuts to cushion all of your breakable items and don’t over-stuff boxes or they may rip open during transit. Purchase packing supplies from Jeffers Moving & Storage Company or hire their professional packers to make sure your items are packed perfectly.

Going Solo: It may seem easier to deal with moving on your own, but there are many aspects of moving, particularly furniture moving, that are very difficult without additional help. Friends and family are great to ask, but when they aren’t available or able, plan ahead and hire moving help from the experts at Jeffers Moving & Storage Company.

Time Limitations: Ideally you would have plenty of time to plan out your move, but sometimes that is just not the case. Jeffers Moving & Storage Company specializes in short notice moves and they also offer storage space for when moving out and moving in dates do not line up.

For more information about household moving and furniture storage options request a quote online or call them at (513) 631-1435.



Jeffers Moving & Storage has been moving clients’ houses in the Cincinnati area and across the country for 75 years. That’s a lot of experience with furniture moving and storage, with an impeccable reputation for good service!

From the initial search to narrowing down who you will hire to move your family’s possessions, here’s a guide to choosing the right moving company from Jeffers Moving & Storage:

  • Recommendations: Hiring a moving company may seem overwhelming at first, so it’s often best to start with recommendations. Friends and family who have had good experiences with moving companies is usually a foolproof way to eliminate untrustworthy or careless movers.
  • Go Local: Being able to walk into a moving company’s office and talk with their staff, even view their facilities and trucks to get a sense of how they conduct their business, is a great advantage. Is their staff friendly and upfront; are their facilities clean and well-kept?
  • Avoid Scams: Do not go through third party websites or services offering to find you a mover. These sites are unregulated, will charge you a fee, and are often complete scams.
  • Do Your Research: After getting a few names of companies in the area, start looking at their websites and business reviews. Have they been established for some time? Do they have positive reviews about their services? Are they easy to communicate with and always pick up the phone or return your message? Do they offer a range of professional moving services such as furniture packaging, furniture storage, or even fragile antique moving?
  • Get a Quote: Don’t just go off of listed prices to plan your moving budget. Ask for a moving quote in-person as well as documentation for your total, quoted price. A moving company that doesn’t provide this should be crossed off the list.

Whether you’re moving near or far, are a first-time mover or a veteran,Jeffers Moving & Storagewants you to be prepared. If you're in the Cincinnati area, rely on these experienced movers for your next move. Call (513) 631-1435 to take advantage of their extensive moving experience today.



If you’re just about to move to the lush blue grasses of Lexington, the Jeffers Moving & Storage Company has the best rates and services to get you to your new destination. A star among moving companies, they handle every conceivable part of home moving, as well as offering a white glove delivery service to make each transition the smoothest you’ll ever experience.

A seamless move from Cincinnati to Lexington is what’s in store when you partner with Jeffers Moving & Storage Company. Unlike other movers, with Jeffers you know that your team is comprised of skilled professionals that have seen all the ins and outs of this trans-state move. Well-versed in the route and always well-prepared, your possessions are guaranteed to arrive safely, every time.

Even when your moving plans haven’t been finalized, and you need a flexible mover that won’t charge you for every tiny change of plans, Jeffers Moving & Storage Company can deliver on that promise as well. With affordable and safe storage options, their moving team can provide you with excellent moving and storage services which take the worry and stress out of any moving situation.

When you have made up your mind to make the move from Cincinnati to Lexington, call the moving and storage professionals at Jeffers Moving & Storage Company. Their team will be ready to assist you as soon as you dial (513) 631-1435, or request a quote now.


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